Graham Counseling

Group Therapy

Group therapy exists to provide a safe space where people who face similar concerns can come together to find support in one another. Usually facilitated by one or more therapists, groups offer a dynamic approach to healing. Feelings of isolation, despair, fear, or discontent are often decreased when one discovers there are others who've shared similar experiences. 


Check this page often to learn about upcoming group therapy options.

Rates will vary.

 Disclaimer: The information you disclose during each visit will be kept confidential by your therapist, with potential exceptions such as preventing harm to you or to another person or reporting suspected child or elder abuse/neglect. In group settings, GCC cannot guarantee your confidentiality due to the nature of the therapeutic service. All members who attend are asked to commit to contributing to the safety and comfort of the group, which includes a commitment to each member's right to privacy. You will receive a Notice of Privacy Practices with a complete list of exceptions to confidentiality.