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Some people find it difficult to navigate the healthcare and public benefits systems. At GCC you will receive help getting connected to community resources, providers, and programs that meet your needs. At GCC, your counselor is also a certified case manager with experience in helping people locate and access services for which they are eligible. Examples of this might include how to apply for federal disability benefits, understand how your insurance works, or pick the right Primary Care Physician (PCP). If interested, you can receive information about what is available to you, coached on how to ask for what you need, and advocated for if you run into obstacles. Wraparound services complete the holistic approach to how treatment can help you achieve and maintain wellness.    Except in extreme circumstances, these services are offered at no additional cost to you. 


Disclaimer: Wraparound services as described here are not affiliated with the Department of Human Services' program, Arkansas Wraparound. For more information about that program, call your local Community Care Director at (501) 683-0380 or speak to your counselor about how to access the program.